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Now we are booking shows for 2019.
If you are interested in us, or you know somebody can...

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Larva - Save me from myself

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Ref: AD-HUN-124-DVD
Format: transparent PVC DVD box
Release date: 18.02.2019

10,00 €
vinyl one:
A-Save me from myself VINYL EDIT
B-Los parpados...
15,00 €
1.- Agachar la cabeza
2.- Frio y oscuro amanecer
3.- You are alone
4.- Los perros ahorcados no ladran
5.- Todo es...
12,00 €
packaging: transparent jewel-case

1. castillos de cristal...
10,00 €
Larva - Abominations Vinyl 

coloured vinyl edition, 2015. 
format: vinyl with...
15,00 €

Days until the next liveshow

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Me odio
TEASER Death on stage DVD
NEW ALBUM The sun has set over Russia
Save me from myself
Frío y oscuro amanecer